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Still Here!

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“Still Here”

This past year I was thrilled to be able to create a work of Public Art this past year.  I was asked to apply in August 2015, I began creating the work in October after the Moon Festival, we were able to install in April 2016, and we had the official opening party on June 30th. The three giant salmon are swimming in the plaza over the lost stream. They have cedar branches stamped onto their backs and a line of story fragments along their sides. At night blue points of light illuminate the lost stream through the plaza. Check it out at 2699 Kingsway in East Vancouver

“Still Here”


Carmen Rosen


Commissioned by Thind Properties

Vancouver Public Art Program


A stream once flowed here on its way to Renfrew Ravine.

The City’s storm-drain still follows the path of the stream beneath us.

It flows into Still Creek where, after many decades of absence, salmon spawn again.

This is a place rich with story and memory.


Spawning salmon

Abundant hunting, seasons of berries, Mother Cedar

Indigenous trade route

Turned to dirt road for timber barons’ commerce

Settlers and streetcars

Pipes and plumbing

War brides, roaming kids, and Walley’s Burgers

Recent arrivals layer new streams of memory

Still Creek is still here


Text credits

Skwxu7mesh Snichem (Skhomesh language): T’uy’t’tanat (Cease Wyss)

Poetry: J. D. Morden, Isaac Rosen-Purcell

Local Memories: Cathie Folkard, The Engelland family, Steve Webb,

“East Enders Reunion” group


Special thanks to Ken Clarke, Sarah Rankin, Alex Chisholm, January Wolodarsky, Sanderson Concrete – Jan Arntorp, Jamie Allen, Daniel Depelteau and team, BL Lighting, Durante-Kreuk, Henning Knoetzele, Still Moon Arts Society


Some photos of the development and making process



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