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I’ve been spending way too many hours applying for grants since January. Thankfully the creative work I’ve been doing with the community and other artists is very nourishing.

I’ve helped open newly restored section of Still Creek at Nootka and Grandview Highway, hosted a Twilight Crow bike ride along Still Creek, had weekly delight with my RenColl seniors creating art with natural dyes and textiles, just had our opening show at the Roundhouse yesterday, made shakespeare poetry lanterns with Windermere Athena Arts students, sang with Elelktra, sang with Aligator Joy on a new piece for Gamlelan Voice and Bag pipes, created and sang in a wild structured improv piece with Brad Muirhead and friends, worked with performers to create a wonderfully creative Collingwood Days, and hosted our Still Moon AGM last night.

Here are a few photos:

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